When Magda Met Chloe Vevrier

When Magda Met Chloe Vevrier

One of the 1st angels Chloe did a scene with in 1992 was the underrated Magda Garbanowski of Poland. They, along with Michelle Willings and a Dutch model named Jill, travelled to Japan with the British SCORE team. When they arrived in Tokyo, they were met by 2 locals, Kaiko and Yuko.

“She went purely on instinct,” photographer John Graham told. “I would tell her, ‘Chloe…look sexy!’ and this babe would give me a a matter of joke look…a confused look. Then, she would do something as innocent as eating a watermelon, and everyone by the pool would have a stiffy. I eventually realized that, with Chloe, the solely instruction you had to tell her was where and when to show up for the photo shoot. Everything else, this babe would take care of on her own.”

Whilst Chloe’s enjoyed a hugely successful career, Magda vanished after her few discharges in London and Tokyo.

The side-by-side standing shots brandish how much taller Magda was. Chloe was the masterful gal in many of her girl-girl scenes. With Magda, there was an equal sharing of tongues, nipps and twats.

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