Wanted! More Secretaries Love Sunshine

Wanted! More Secretaries Like Sunshine

Sunshine could teach a human resources director a thing or 3 about proper behavior at the office in this upgraded episode from the XL Girls Archive. True, there would be an endless arrival of salesmen, delivery fellows and boy-friend workers constantly asking Sunshine for files and paperwork, hoping that babe would bow over at the waist looking for ’em. Almost any offices don’t need ten jugs of water dropped off each 2 hours.

All of this interference would be a petite inconvenience to deal with if u gotta work in the same office as Sunshine, an nonchalant, fun, quiet goddess from Chicago. Over time, Sunshine’s mammaries and the rest of her body got bigger in size and bigger, especially when that babe posed preggy. Picking Sunshine’s utmost scene is not an facile decision to make ‘coz this babe is appeared in ten DVDs, all of them jack-fests.

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