A real mother-daughter team

<b>A real mother-daughter team</b>” title=”<b>A real mother-daughter team</b>” src=”https://www.lesbianpornvideo.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/veronica-vaughn-a-real-mother-daughter-team.jpg” /></a> </p>
<p class=We’ve had mothers and their daughters in our studio, but at not time like this. Vikki Vaughn, 65 and her daughter, Veronica, Fourty nine, like to bonk on-camera, and the merely question is, who’s wilder, Mamma or daughter? U come to a conclusion.

40SOMETHING: Tell us a little bit about yourselves, ladies.
VIKKI: We’re a lot of joy.
VERONICA: We’re a real mother-daughter porn team.
VIKKI: I’ve no idea if it is a team.
VERONICA: I suppose she kind of got thrown into it for her first scene. We were doing the same stud together, so that was pleasure.
40SOMETHING: Did that ever happen before u got into porn?
VIKKI: No, but this babe had some good-looking, hot boyfriends. They’d come to pick her up and I would say, “Give me a second and I’ll acquire my purse. That babe is not here.”
VERONICA: I can not leave the room if I’ve a lad there because she’ll take advantage of him. That babe is already got her face hole on his schlong.
40SOMETHING: Was this while u were growing up?
VERONICA: No, this was recently.
VIKKI: No. It wasn’t her partner. It was someone this babe was going out with.
VERONICA: She gave him a oral job. That babe got worse with the other one. That babe was on his lap when I came back. The solely thing I saw was her gazoo flapping on top of him
VIKKI: Well, it wasn’t a serious relationship or everything.
VERONICA: She is nice-looking adventurous.
40SOMETHING: How does that kick off, that u end up giving your daughter’s boyfriends head?
VIKKI: Either when they call or I open the door. I’ll say, “Hi,” and they’ll say, “Is this Veronica?” and I’ll say, “No, this is her Mother, Vikki.” And it goes from there. In college, that babe did not adore me to take her to school ‘coz she’d receive upset with the chaps. She’d say, “That’s my Mamma.”
VERONICA: They would all stare. They’d say, “She’s so hawt, I wish to do her,” and I would say, “That’s my Mommy. Do not talk about my Mamma love that.”

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