Valentine’s Day Doll

Valentine's Day Doll

Wakey-wakey, sleepy-head Milly Marks. Milly is feeling herself this morning. She has a busy Valentine’s Day ahead of her and a stimulating shower will kindle her for what this babe has planned.

The water cascades down Milly’s award-winning Buxom body and super-natural tits whilst that babe thinks about the day ahead and what will come her way.

“I have 2 big dreams. One would be a Lothario and I dominant a goddess together. I love to eat cookie. The other would be me dominant a fellow with a strap-on. I’m one as well as the other confident and passive. That is what makes me the switch I’m.”

There are not many beauties that have explored and lived out a lot of their fantasies on-camera the way Milly has. We can list several but no one who’s explored ’em so quickly.

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