V Is For Buxom

V Is For Voluptuous

Alexsis Faye is an assertive beauty in every way. Her perky, bubbly, adorable personality is as bouncy as her bodacious melons. The kind of hotty who makes a boy feel valuable. It’s interesting that Alexsis told that gals watch her red-hot rack more than lads. Jealousy? Envy? Admiration? Longing?

To think Alexsis was toiling at a desk job in a voyage agency. What a waste had that babe continued, unseen and unknown except to a scarcely any people. Now she’s found her fantasy job, makes her own hours and doesn’t think of it as typical work ‘coz she is her own boss.

SCORELAND: Alexsis, what is your favourite thing about adult modeling?

Alexsis: My prefered thing about bare modeling is that I’m pro to transform for a shooting. I can do things normally I’m not adept to do in my day to day life. For a photo shooting, I can be a hot office administrator or a nurse and when I see the last result it’s so thrilling. Modelling for SCORE was exciting, nice-looking, fun and different and I loved it! So I am doing one of my prefered things and making a priceless living at it!

SCORELAND: What garments do u think you look sexiest in?

Alexsis: I have so much hawt raiment and I like to costume up, from secretary to flight attendant but my favourite one is my Japanese schoolgirl ’cause it mixes being wicked and sinless at the same time.

SCORELAND: When you go out in precious weather, what kind of tops do u like to wear ‘cuz they reveal off your knockers the topmost?

Alexsis: When it’s worthy out side, I adore to wear constricted reservoir tops in white or light colors with a matter of joke messages. Soever I wear, it is inflexible to keep them hidden.

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