Underneath Construction

Under Construction

And u wanted to know why labor costs are so high for construction budgets this day. It’s ‘cuz the female employees adore Kerry Marie are playing with their great, bigger in size than average, greasy breasts instead of laying the foundation. And the bloody male crew are also busy watching her and wanking off during the time that this babe does it. It is no surprise that these filthy punters are spunking off over Kerry’s antics when they should be laying pipe! Look! Look! Ten minutes in and a smutty minger is pawing her oily jugs with his grabby hands! No wonder we’re behind schedule! And who the bloody hell authorized a bloody dildo to be attached to a drill to make a drill-do? That’s clearly against the union rules. It’s sufficient to drive a construction foreman to go for a box lunch! (This movie scene is part of the DVD Full-bosomed Kerry Marie Volume 2.)

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