Stupendous Ta-tas

Titanic Ta-tas

Natalie Fiore needs to do tons of breast moisturizing due to her preggo condition. That’s the 1st thing Natalie does in this video. She’s gonna need plenty of body lotion to cover those now-gigantic gazongas!

Natalie slowly and seductively discards her white suit shirt and purple under garment to heighten our anticipation. And that this babe does! That babe makes u anxious to watch these twin mountains in all of their brilliance!

Natalie is a role glamour model for other models coz of the way this babe interacts and talks with us in her movie scenes. She makes u feel as if u were right there in the room with her.

Dabbing globs of creamy white stuff on her bigger in size than run of the mill mammaries, Natalie rubs ’em wonderful until her bosoms shine. Then she lays back on the couch and gives her baby bump the same lovin’ treatment.

Natalie kicks off her small panties. Her clitoris can too benefit from a rub-down. It will harden at her touch and send waves of excitement coursing throughout her body.

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