Taut & Toned

Tight & Toned

Inspect the body on Harley!
She’s hot and that babe knows it–which is a valuable thing cuz this babe can’t live without to wear fitted and revealing raiment. “I adore to brandish off my tummy and my legs. Well, I like to display off everything. You’ll usually watch me in short shorts or a mini petticoat.”

Are u an exhibitionist?
“I’ve by no means really thought about it, but I do love to be noticed. I like it when boys check me out. Once I caught my brother’s friend spying on me while I was in my bedroom masturbating, and that truly turned me on. I still think about how this buck was jacking off to me whenever I am rubbing one out and it makes me cum rock hard. So yeah, I suppose you could say I am an exhibitionist.”

Have you rogered in public?
“Yes. It was with a beauty and we were behind a building. I was eating her cookie and fingering her love a maniac. Then I started butt drilling her while rubbing her love button and she ended up squirting all over the place. It was highly hawt!”

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