Tight Makes Right

Tight Makes Right

Rose Blush picks out some tight tops to try on. Which ones does that babe look majority nice in? Or maybe Rose just looks great in anything she wears or doesn’t wear.

“My boobs are beautiful much the giant of anyone I have ever met. I’d say that the archetypal in Australia is about a D-cup. There aren’t too many vixens to my scale. I have got a charming priceless butt, too.”

Rose makes an impression on everyone who sees her.

“I adore my bazookas, so I adore showing them off. When I go to the beach, I wear a swimsuit. I do have a one-piece, but it’s fairly low-cut, also.”

The first time we saw Rose at XL Cuties this babe was wearing a bikini at poolside. It was, and still is, a deeply moving experience. She didn’t keep it on lengthy. Does she go topless on the beaches in Oz-land?

“I don’t do that often, but I’ve done it before. People just stare at me when my pantoons are out, but to be honest, they stare even when I am in my swimsuit.”

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