They’re Real & Spectacular

They're Real & Spectacular

Forgive us, Rilee. But we receive to ask. Are your billibongs real?
“It’s okay. I swear every goddess that I’ve hooked up with has asked me that, and most people who have watched me in a swim dress have asked me that. But I swear I’m all natural! I was just blessed sufficient to have indeed marvelous milk cans. I didn’t even realize they were anything special until cuties in the locker room started gawking at me and asking me if they could touch them.”

Do people ever not believe you when you tell them that your pantoons are real?
“Yeah, some of them do not. But if they’re lucky enough to touch my zeppelins then they realize that they’re real. When u squeeze ’em you can obviously tell they’re real. I mean, I know there’re cuties out there who are as juvenile as me that get implants, but I am not the kind of girl to do that. I hardly even wear makeup, I’m still a virgin and I still have my braces. I’m a facile girl who just happens to have actually round, merry bosoms. I likewise receive a lot of comments on my muff. Cuties have told me that it’s gorgeous and tastes nice.”

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