There’s smth about Victoria

There's something about Victoria

There’s smth about Victoria Lane that has driven the boys who watch her pics and movie scenes kooky.

“Victoria Lane has to be one of the hottest models in SCORE history,” S.L. wrote when Victoria began modeling. “Uber-cute smile and stupefyingly glamourous figure.”

I only crave we had discharged more sets and movies of Victoria. Victoria went back to nursing full-time, having had her fling with being immortalized in images and clips. I am sure tons of readers want they could be really nursed by her.

Victoria discovered our web page and contacted us. We’d have not at all known she existed otherwise. A during the time that ago, I discovered a couple of minutes of clip in which this babe chatted casually with one of our cameramen, and that babe mentioned that this babe was entertaining the idea of trying a hardcore scene with a pro meat-thermometer. Of course, her boy-girl scenes not at any time did happen. Yet I’m sure it is a dream that babe still has.

“I adore to use a sex-toy and a vibrating sex-toy at the same time whilst I view porn,” Victoria said the first time she was here. I’ll bet that babe mentally exchanges places with the female performers in the porn that babe watches while this babe gets off.

“‘Sexy’ means lots of different things to me,” she said. “It is hawt to be kinky. I love coarse sex, having dinner and then untamed sex after with the person you adore.”

Victoria has great rapport with the digi camera, as if she goes past the lens and communicates directly with u. This babe is very much like Christy Marks in that way. Come to think of it, this babe reminds me plenty of Christy.

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