There’s nobody adore Sha

There's nobody love Sha

Sha Rizel from Ukraine is one of the most-unusual SCORE Gals ever. This babe might be the most-unusual, and I’ll tell u why. The September 2018 issue of SCORE lately went on-sale at It’s our first “Rack To The Future” issue; the theme is angels of the present who are similar in some way to cuties of the past. We weren’t looking for direct comparisons; we were looking for striking similarities.

Sha fits into the super-slim ‘n’ naturally full-bosomed category, but when we foraged throughout SCORE‘s past, we realized that although there had been angels who were similar to her, merely Sharday, Devon Daniels, Hitomi, Venera and Merilyn Sakova can come close to being as super-slim ‘n’ full-bosomed as she’s, and even they come up a little short. Put it this way: Sha would be thin for a beauty with A-cups, but has bigger in size than run of the mill, luscious hangers.

“My juggs began to acquire very large at 17, 8teen years mature,” fetching Sha said. “It happened very suddenly. They seem to get greater each two months and they’re still growing. Every time I buy a brassiere, it quickly becomes likewise small on me. They are still growing even now.”

As for keeping skinny, Sha said, “I work out every day. I lift weights and I do exercises for my ass.”

Sha recently joined us for an all-naturals group shoot in the Dominican Republic. The other seven angels were either Curvy Angels or V-mag/SCORE crossovers. Sha was the merely true SCORE Cutie in the group. That babe was also the most-experienced adult model and looked after the other girls (such as alerting our studio manager when Alexya appeared to be to have gone missing one night).

Sha is actually a once-in-a-lifetime hotty, and we’re pleased we’ve her.

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