The XL Girls Office Pervert

The XL Gals Office Pervert

Amiee Roberts is the recent angel at XL Girls’ office. Moreover her obvious talents at modeling and sex with porn weenie, Amiee is a good hire coz she’s great at office administration and other job duties.

Jimmy is a manager at XL Gals and is also known as the office pervert. He’ll walk around the building looking at beauties and squeezing his sexy nuts. This chab knows no shame. Spotting huge-boobed Amiee at various times, this chab checks out her heavy pointer sisters and large arse in her miniskirt and goes into his routine.

One day, Amiee walks into his office and introduces herself. As a manager, this chab wastes no time in introducing Amiee to his style of unfathomable throating and sloppy blow jobs. Amiee picks it up fast and before lengthy, they’re doing a sofa coupling copulation. As a display of managerial approval, this fellow treats Amiee to a liquid lunch. It is important to expose staff how much they’re appreciated!

XL Girls: So you were pointed in our direction by an ex-partner?

Amiee: Yep. This chab said there’re plenty of bigger in size hotty’s who are doing porn and dudes are just loving it, and I told, “Oh, that is not for me. I couldn’t do that,” and that stud showed me the website, and I was like, “Well, maybe. Those cuties have my sort of figure, and if dudes are looking at that, why wouldn’t they view me?” So this fellow told, “Give it a try,” and the next thing I knew, I was here. I sent u my images and u called me back.

XL Girls: So you accepted and we set up your voyage here. What also appealed to you?

Amiee: That I’m doing smth different, something that is outside of my comfort zone. I am trying to do more things that are outside of my comfort zone. And it is something I desire to do.

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