The Wonder From Down Under

The Wonder From Down Under

Lila Payne spoken about her youth in Australia.

“When I was growing up, I got titties truly early, then I stopped growing when I was 14. I had a hormonal disorder when I was growing up, which meant I was a foot taller than everybody else. When I was 12, I looked like I was 17. I was much taller, and then I prevented growing. I got bullied a little in high-school ‘coz I had such humongous bosoms. It was very odd to watch a 14-year-old beauty with bra-busters this greater than run of the mill, but now I’m in proportion to my body.”

We have solely found one other hotty with big bouncy bosoms in Australia and she’s Angela White who’s now a renowned pornstar after shooting a lengthy time for SCORE. Lila is the second since 2003!

“I think in Australia, lots of angels with larger than run of the mill whoppers are bigger in size than run of the mill chicks. I love bigger in size than average sweethearts, but I’m unparalleled in that the rest of me is not big. And people love bumpers in Australia. I’ve sessions with clients that are just about the bumpers. I can be sitting there scrolling through Facebook or my email whilst they play with my funbags. They can’t live with out to have ’em in their faces, and it is really cute. And maybe they’ve been subscribing to SCORELAND for years and they’re all about it but have never felt a pair of stupendous bumpers in advance of. They’ve not at any time drilled a pair of huge bra buddies or put their face in there and felt what it’s adore, and they’re adore, ‘Oh my god!’ They’re like a kid in a candy store. I like that. My scones are definitely my strongest asset.”

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