The Texas wife who came here and got ass-fucked

The Texas wife who came here and got ass-fucked

“I’ve been a swinger,” Jasmine Jones, a hot, voluptuous wife from Texas, said. “I’ve been with another couple but not in a group scene yet. My fantasies are having sex in public and watching another woman satisfy my husband. I have sex about three times a week and I like a lot of foreplay before we fuck.”

For a girl who’s not a porn star, just a regular, busty babe-next-door, Jasmine did some very hot stuff for us. She got ass-fucked twice and also did a three-way with two guys.

Elliot interviewed Jasmine, who really opened up to him.

On why she posed: “I like to please people, and this is a great way to do so. I love to show off my huge, natural boobs and my round ass. And if I can make you cum, that makes it even better for me.

On anal masturbation: “I love to masturbate with a glass toy in my ass. I get an intense orgasm that way! I have used one in my ass and one in my pussy before. That was amazing. In my opinion, the glass is great for ass play!”

On anal sex at home: “I have only done it a few times at home. I like it especially when I like to get a bit rough. Pussy sex is always going to be the best but anal ranks pretty high!”

Favorite position for anal: “Spooning for anal is my favorite and then after a while, a change to doggie. That is when it gets intense!”

On getting her ass ready for anal: “I don’t use anything to prepare. As far as stretching goes, I want him to stretch me open on his own.”

Jasmine got ass-fucked twice for this scene, once for the photo set and once for the video. In the video, the guy cums in her pussy. In the photo set, he cums in her ass. Which do you prefer, Jasmine?

“I loved both!”

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