The rent is late, but Elle’s wazoo is on time

The rent is late, but Elle's arse is on time

Two chaps are hanging out. Doing nothing. Complaining about their girlfriends. Talk about a couple of deadbeats! And not only that, their rent is late! Jackasses!

Fortunately, the landlord is 51-year-old Elle Denay, who exposes up at their door with a smile on her face. But she doesn’t look adore that babe is clothed to acquire the rent. She bears a resemblance to she’s dressed to shag.

The bad news is that they do not have any money. The nice news is that Elle accepts meat-thermometer in lieu of cash. So, as long as they’re willing to fill her face hole, slit and arsehole with pecker meat, she’s ready to turn the other a-hole cheek and let ’em keep living in their apartment rent-free.

Watch, boyz, this is how the world works: A youthful cutie would desperately offer up a cook jerking and maybe her face hole to her obscene, mature male landlord if that babe were late with the rent, and that babe would not adore it. But a old honey bunny who is the landlord craves cock and is truly pleased when the rent is late ‘cuz then that babe receives to collect her way. That’s called maturity. By the way, if we were Elle, we’d kick the losers out, anyway.

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