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When Kat Bailey from Oklahoma told this babe likes to play with her bigger than standard, mashable pantoons, she wasn’t understating what this babe meant. Kat shakes, squeezes, claps and bounces her heavy hangers truly hard. She can super-suck her own teats. Very jaw-dropping! After her tit show, Kat uses a vibrating wand on her clit and finger-bangs her cookie.

“I worked at a full-service car wash in high school and I loved it,” said Kat about some of the jobs this babe is held. The boyz who were getting their cars and trucks washed must have loved it also.

Kat (Fall 2017 XL Beauties mag) was 1st pointed to XL Gals by a friend who rightly thought this babe had the goods, so Kat went ahead and decided to apply. We’d have at not time known about her but for her friend, who is now our ally.

“When I’m home, I am naked a lot. I wear a undergarment when I need to. I suppose my love bubbles look foremost in sports bras and bralettes. I can buy what looks priceless and fits me best at some stores.”

We can guess what some of you will ask, and the answer is yeah.

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