The Magnificent Rencounter TWO

The Magnificent Meeting 2

The Magnificent Rencounter of Voluptuous/XL breast goddesses Micky Bells and Natalie Fiore proceeds on a terrace with a view of the city below. Mademoiselle Fiore has poured her remarkably hot body into a taut, ass-clinging mini-skirt and a taut, blue cardigan wrapped around a vintage silver bullet undergarment, the kind that tit-queens of the 1950’s used to wear. Stockings, garters, zebra-striped briefs and open-toe high-heels enhance Natalie’s raunchy appearance. Micky‘s bright pink, button-down costume is frosting on the cake for her pink and jungle cat vintage bullet under garment and garters with matching pink briefs, stocking and heels. These two shapely Venuses could rule the world if they wanted to and enslave any breast-man who crossed their paths. They disrobe every other and studiously examine their mellow bodies, fascinated by their colossal tits–the wobblers we’ve brought jointly; the meatballs that we are infatuated with. Could any chronic boobaholic ever receive enough of those two? The people below the terrace go about their business, oblivious to the collision of those mam-nificent examples of feminine super-pulchritude whose squashy, creamy skin tingle and flush as they touch each other, areolas rubbing areolas, fingers feeling the weight of their scoops.

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