The look of sex

The look of sex

Of the many great things about Camelia Davis, one of the topmost is that that babe always has a look in her eyes like, “I wanna screw you.”

When I first met her (I interviewed her and Michelle May at the same time; it remains one of my beloved interviews), I stupidly and mistakenly interpreted that look as meant for me in advance of I realized that it’s just her natural look. Studs, sweethearts, editors, non-editors, studio stylists, photographers, chaps, the pizza delivery fellow…Camelia always has that look, that way about her that says, “I want to copulate u.”

Certainly, maybe I was not mistaken. Maybe Camelia indeed does wanna bonk everybody. You’ll see that glint in her eyes in the opening minutes of this movie, when Camelia lets her F-cup super-floppers (those bosoms acquire to be bigger then F-cups) let with out her top and licks her nipples. I mean it as a compliment when I say Camelia looks facile. Turns out that babe is.

“I was at the mall one day and I was shopping,” she said. “I kept seeing this buck and this chab was checking me out. I mean, this buck kept staring and staring, So I ended up at the food court and that gent came up to me and just straightforwardly asked me if this charmer could touch my mambos. This woman chaser was actually sexy, so I told yes. So this woman chaser groped me right there at the food court and then this chab just went about his perky way.”

I am surprised that babe didn’t shag him. Or at least engulf his 10-Pounder. When we were writing the script for the DVD Sex And The Bra-busters, Camelia was the only beauty I had in mind for a scene in which a lad passes a Big-Boob cutie on the street and says, “Nice zeppelins.” And she says, “Nice penis.” And then they go off and fuck. Her suggestion, of course. I suppose that scene is what Camelia is all about. Tit for tat. Always looking for action.

“I like to costume in really hot, very skimpy outfits,” that babe said. “I love to wear short skirts and really constricted tops and I am always in high heels. I adore to look sexy all the time. I like the attention. I suppose I live for the attention. It makes me feel worthwhile and it kind of makes me lustful, too. I adore it when I receive stared at by the one and the other bucks and chicks. It makes me feel really fine that they are looking at me and I know that they all wanna fuck me.”

And they know that she craves to fuck them. At the kick off of this scene, Camelia announces that this is going to be her first time having sex on-camera. 1st time, eh? I’ve viewed seasoned pornstars who do not copulate adore that babe does, and, damn, this babe could wake up the neighbors with the sound of her mounds slapping while that babe is getting filled with wang.

Women adore Camelia do not come along often, but when they do…well, make sure u look ’em in the eyes when you’re talking to them. You’ll learn everything you have to know.

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