The hot secretary

The hot secretary

Imagine Rockell as your secretary…your hard-working, efficient, dedicated, beautiful, blonde secretary with a rack that will not stop. She wears tight sweaters, high heels and the tightest skirts. You’d never get any work done. You’d be thinking about her overtime.

I asked Rockell if she’s ever seen a woman hit the guy she’s with because he looked her up and down.

“I think that goes without saying,” Rockell answered. “Men will be men. It’s a natural thing. They see a beautiful woman and you know they are gonna look. It works both ways. If I see a man I find attractive, I’m gonna look because that’s human nature, right? I tend to turn these ole country boys’ heads!

“I like wearing tank tops with a thinner bra so my nipples poke thru and I can make people uncomfortable. I really dunno why. I just like to make things interesting.”

I usually try to keep the questions positive. Sometimes not, so I asked Rockell if she’s ever dated a guy who wasn’t a breast-man.

“I honestly have. Now don’t get me wrong. All women are beautiful in their own way. I just personally prefer a man that is gonna worship my big, beautiful breasts. Trust me, women know the difference!”

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