The Glory Gap Dream

The Glory Aperture Fantasy

As we know, Vanessa Y. likes her beer. And when out drinking beer at a local pub, ladies get to tinkle so Vanessa visits the girls’ room. This one is a real gap in the wall, literally. It is festooned with holes. Vanessa feels a must relieve herself after that babe relieves herself so she comes to a completion to have a little rubdown before rejoining her girlfriends at the table.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the walls, peeping pervs who work at the pub are spying on her. 2 of ’em stick their weenies through the magnificence holes and expect to investigate what Vanessa will do. And what Vanessa does is gratifying for all 3 of ’em as she sucks and jacks them until they eject their ball batter all over her big mangos! Vanessa Y. has some really wanton dreams to explore at SCORELAND.

Curvy Porn star of the year 2015 Vanessa is on the ballot for 2016. Will this babe take the title for the second time? She’s up against some very beefy candidates but her popularity has exploded the past year. Vanessa gets higher ratings than many unbelievable angels who do the hottest hardcore. In fact, she was shocked that that babe won last time. The voters will be speaking some other time. Will they say what Vanessa hopes to hear?

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