The Doctor Is In…Desiree

The Doctor Is In...Desiree

Desiree is visiting a fresh doctor ‘cuz her milk shakes have unexpectedly grown bigger in size recently and she’s feeling some tightness in her chest. The medic tells her to remove her top so this chab can give her a boob exam.

Desiree gets off the exam table to remove her constricted top. Her miniskirt rides up when this babe does. The doc is all eyes. Top off, her overflowing pantoons spill over her 32DDD brassiere love a river overflowing a dam.

The reason Desiree feels tightness around her chest is obvious. That beneath garment is also diminutive for her, smth that’s common ‘coz many sweethearts don’t buy bras of the proper size. However, Desiree’s mounded, rounded hooters look great in her bra. They look nice-looking worthy and healthy to the doctor.

He offers that this stud weigh Desiree’s hooters. She looks around for a scale. There’s none. This chap tells Desiree that that fellow can weigh ’em with his hands. That sounds love a very scientific way to weigh hooters. “Nice and enormous, eh?” this gent says while jiggling them. That chap has Desiree turn around so this chab can measure them from the back. Yeah, very scientific measuring here. “Yes, very healthy,” he repeats as he kneads ’em like dough. That fellow has the redhead shake ’em and bounce up and down as that gent proceeds to check their “health.” Is this chap a real doctor?

Doctor Mirko tells her to sit down one more time, to open her mouth, stick out her tongue and say “Aaah.” This dude sticks 2 fingers in her face hole. It is worthy to watch the latest medical breakthroughs being used to ensure Desiree’s wellness. This will be a very detailed exam. Not each doctor cares sufficient to tell his Voluptuous woman patients to spit on his wang. Desiree will be getting a enormous jizz pie later at no additional charge. Insurance won’t cover it so he’s taking it off his bill ‘cuz he’s a doctor who cares.

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