The Cleavage Close Business Technique

The Breast valley Close Business Technique

“One of my mountainous frustrations in the corporate world is that it’s rock hard to suit professionally when you’ve big milk cans,” real-life businesswoman Scarlett told us in a face-to-face.

“Even if I’m wearing something that isn’t low-cut, I’m conscious about my juggs. And it is so tough to shop for hawt clothing that look talented but aren’t dowdy. Adore, if I just wear a bigger than typical, ol’ shirt to cover my fun bags, I just look corpulent, adore I’ve no figure.

“Before I did consulting, I was a sales woman, selling time shares. My titties nearly got me in a predicament! I was sat at a table, telling this pair about the resort, and when I’m sat at a table, my boobs are up on the table! I realized the boyfriend was staring at me and his wife kept staring at him.

“They did not buy, and my manager took me aside and said me, ‘You can not do the Deep cleavage Close when there’s a wife around.’ I did not have a clue as to what that smooth operator meant by ‘the cleavage close!’ Apparently, you can solely brandish your milk cans if your customer is a single boy. It doesn’t work if the wife is there coz she’ll receive pissed off! But with a single chap, well, then it can work to your advantage.”

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