The Whoppers & Boots Of A Blond Brickhouse Brit

The Love bubbles & Boots Of A Blonde Brickhouse Brit

British super-MILF Shannon Blue told the most-fun job she’s ever had was as a kennel maid: “I love dogs.” This prepared Shannon for the boob-hounds of the world.

Things have changed in the United Realm. It was the #1 place for greater than run of the mill, natural billibongs. In new times, more and more Brit honey bunnys are busting out, from greater than typical to supersized. Shannon wanted huge milk cans. After a divorce, she went ahead and made her fantasy come true. That babe also pierced her nipples and got some tattoos.

“I’ve broken a few under garment hooks,” Sharon said. “They tend to bow below pressure. But I have not at all broken a bathing dress or bikini thong. That kind of material is stretchy. Stretchy tops are what I adore to wear.”

The people who know Shannon would probably be surprised to see her on SCORELAND. “They think I’m in some boring job or just doing no thing in Bulgaria. I used to be in office administration.”

Shannon is dressed in a low-cut, red PVC mini-dress over darksome panty knickers and kinky red boots. At 5’9″, she’s a brickhouse Amazon of epic dimensions.

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