The boobalicious Miss Lily

The boobalicious Miss Lily

“Everyone called me Pamela Anderson in school,” Samantha Lily told.

That makes no sense to me. Samantha, a natural, is the whole physical contrary of Pamela. I can solely guess that their pop cultural point of reference for a big-boobed angel was the Baywatch TV actress.

“I did tons of sports in school. But when my bra-busters grew too greater than standard, I was coercive to leave football [soccer]. My pantoons are heavy and I can not walk out of a bra for lengthy. Yeah, I always try on bras in advance of I buy.”

Samantha has a lot of charisma and a worthwhile sense of humor.

“When I needed to pass my driving license exam, I put on my very taut shirt with taut jeans. I passed the exam, certainly, but the teacher could not talk to me normally.”

I can just picture what went on in that car. It must have been a white-knuckle ride for that instructor.

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