The Billi Bardot Flaunt

The Billi Bardot Show

Billi Bardot, a 41-year-old Mother I’D LIKE TO FUCK, has on hot red lipstick and a short suit that unveils off her melons, although Billi is so big breasted, just about everything she wears exposes off her bumpers.

“I adore the way this costume feels,” this babe tells u. “It’s so squishy and shimmery. I was plan to go out, but there is a storm brewing, so I suppose I’ll stay in and have pleasure myself.”

There is plan to be a storm brewing in your rapidly tightening trousers when you receive a look at Billi. She is a knockout blond with a curvy body: dunky waist, gracious, round butt.

“And I’ve these astronomical 32M bosoms right here that I like playing with,” she says. “They’re so velvety and squashy.”

In Billi’s 1st clip at, the digital camera savors all of her attractive body, including those soft, squishy mellons. We acquire slo-mo views of Mrs. Bardot playing with her rack, leaking her hands all over her bumpers, then Billi sits down, lies back and fast-fingers her very succulent twat until that babe cums.

Billi, a Mother of five, describes herself as “one of the fellows,” but that babe is all dominatrix. That babe used to be a dancer.

“Usually I danced during the day while the kids were at school,” this babe said. “So the kids were at school and Mommy was getting naked in the undress club. Making a grand then going home and baking pussies and serving dinner and doing the homework and bedtime routine.”


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