The Larger than run of the mill Pillows Of Patty Michova

The Bigger in size than run of the mill Pillows Of Patty Michova

A stacked, nubile hotty who knows how to costume to show off her slender, big breasted rack, Patty Michova rubs her big love muffins and widens and spanks the pink. Whether it is a wang, two schlongs or by her own hands, Patty enjoys a wonderful, unbending cum.

“It’s nearly impossible not to be glad around Patty,” told the photographer who often films her. “She’s such a doll.”

Patty’s a carnal athlete. If a sex olympics existed, Patty would win a gold medal. Her movies are the confirmation. In private, away from the cameras, Patty told in her native language Slovakian, “I like some foreplay, some kissing, but not a lot. And I have not one prefered position, I’ve many favorites.”

Now and then, Patty does something no one could ever guess. When she goes to a shopping center and sees any children’s rides, she loves to try ’em and go for a spin herself. Any lad within viewing range must sneak out his phone to get a snap of her going around in circles on one of these small cars or ponies.

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