Tap That Tush!

Tap That Tush!

Asha Marie is clothed in a constricted, low-cut cardigan before the act begins. There’s no more mind blowing top than this to showcase a pair of spectacular marangos.

When Asha takes the skin flute in her face hole and starts to play a throaty tune, her talent at making gracious music is obvious. How did this scarlet-haired delight get so precious at BJs?

“Blow jobs are kind of love an Olympic sport with me. I once gave a oral that lasted 2 and a half hours,” Asha said proudly. 2 and a half hours?

Her thick, beefy wet crack has nice wings, and to emphasize that, Asha has placed two butterfly wing tats on either side of her gateway to heaven. Her backdoor is marvelous too. Asha acquires it filled by hung petticoat chaser Juan.

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