State of Bliss

State of Bliss

Joana Bliss is the consummate SCORELAND Fresh Ager. Meditation, yoga, a vegan diet and Tantric sex are her collective path to perfection.

“I love a Lothario to be spontaneous. I’m the same. That fellow should be genuine coz I’m genuine. I donot create a false personality in everything I do. Guys donot need to be someone they are not. The majority important thing is to love, and then the rest becomes perfect. This is what I chase almost all of all, a consummate way of living.”

A state of bliss?

Joana’s lifestyle is not in conflict with her career as a bare glamour model. We’d say it even complements it. “We are born bare. I’m not ashamed of my body and I like to brandish it. I am lucky to have fans who chase me and accept me for what I’m and what I do.”

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