Stacy Owen: From Scotland With Billibongs

Stacy Owen: From Scotland With Boobs

The name Stacy Owen and the various differences in spelling depending on the publications (“Stacy Owen” is on her model release) will be instantly recognizable to bucks of a certain age who were Stacy fans in the late 1980s and early 1990s. That babe was one of the most-popular gals in British men’s mags and newspapers.

Stacy was born in Glasgow, Scotland and posed for pin-up pix in Scottish newspapers such as the Each single day Record. This babe entered wet T-shirts contests popular in England nightclubs and won numerous of them. Stacy was identified by British glamour photographer Peter Kay in the illustrious London nightclub Stringfellows.

Stacy relocated to London where the real modeling action was. She became a Great Britain men’s mag and tabloid newspaper sensation very quickly and her fame widen to North USA and Europe. Hardcore with boys or angels, or both, followed. Publisher John Fox has very worthwhile memories of Stacy.

“Stacy was shooting for all of Britain’s most outstanding glamour photographers of the day. Peter Kay, Donald Milne, John Graham and others were all clamoring to book the recent star. The late John Graham, my boyfriend in The SCORE Group, eventually signed Stacey to a one-year neverseen beginning in the fall of 1987. Stacy would proceed to pose until 1991 when this babe retired to educate riding near Surrey.”

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