“In college I was on the flag team,” told Rockell. “You have those larger than standard flags, and you’re marching as part of the band. We did some truly nifty things.” It is time to fly the flag again for Rockell. This babe is back, this time for one of these sploshing movies that Roxi Red and Liza Biggs have done. Love a version of these Japanese TV game shows where they slime their sexy fascinating heart guests, it falls under the luscious & indecent category of fetishes.

After Rockell got “slimed,” and then showered, she said us what kind of videos that babe likes to watch.

SCORELAND: Rockell, do u view adult clips at home? What kind do u like?

Rockell: I truly relish watching porn if it’s tastefully done. When I say that I mean I love most of all emotion over ‘let’s get balls deep and gangbang.’ I’m a desperate romantic so it helps if I can relate to a story line versus a corny scenario. That’s just personal partiality. I also find girl on girl very hawt!

SCORELAND: Have you ever seen some other bitch gal hit her boyfriend or husband for checking you out?

Rockell: I think that goes out of saying. Males will be fellows. It’s a natural thing. They watch a handsome woman and you know they are going to look. It works the one and the other ways. If I see a charmer I identify beautiful I am going to look ‘cuz that is human nature, right? I tend to turn those ol’ country boys’ heads!

SCORELAND: We know u do. Thank u for being u.

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