Special Rental Rates For Big-Boobed Hotty’s

Special Rental Rates For Big-Boobed Hotties

Bailey Santanna‘s sleazy landlord is urinated off. The apartment complex this chab runs is a dump. Making things worse, Bailey’s behind on the rent. In her defense, a angel needs to invest her specie in more wonderful things, such as bras, hot sexy garments and high heels, instead of throwing it out on rent. That petticoat chaser furiously knocks on Bailey’s door. This babe receives off the phone to open it, clothed in a low-cut top and a taut undergarment that pushes her juggs up and out. That doesn’t interest him as this charmer screams about the trash in the hallway and her being 3 months past due.

Bailey supplicates off, saying she doesn’t have the specie or another place to go. This babe drops to her knees, a tactic that gives him an even better look at of her breathtaking deep cleavage. “A mistress on her knees?! What kind of place am I dripping here?” that fellow hollers. Bailey is unstoppable. This babe strokes his pants and implores him, dropping her top to show her hooter holster. That does it. In one second, he’s squeezing one of her angels with a boob-itchy hand. “I think we can ‘cum’ to an understanding,” Bailey suggests.

“Playin’ with these might give ya a pair of weeks here!” says the landlord, already breaking the payments down. Bailey’s aggressive, and takes matters into her own hands, opening his fly and taking his penis with out his pants so she can give him a grade-A, hands-free oral as she frees her love melons from their prison of fabric. They adjorn to the living room bed for a quality tit-fucking and a wet crack slam-bam. Makes you urge to go into property management, doesn’t it? But how many tenants would u acquire like Bailey? Not many! That babe is special!

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