Slippery boob talk

Slippery boob talk

I’ve mentioned many times that I one time had the rare privilege of squirting baby oil in Kitana Flores’ butthole, and this movie scene contains the proof.

“I feel adore squirting all over you,” I say to Kitana at one point in the movie. She’s naked. Fortunately for all of us, I’m dressed. This babe tells me that babe urges to undress me. I say, “You do not urge to watch me nude.” That babe doesn’t protest.

First, I pour the baby oil on her wobblers, and she rubs it in. Then I pour the oil on her snatch. I should point out that while all this is going on, I’m interviewing her and that babe is answering my questions. I pour greasy oil on her sexy midsection. The baby oil is dripping off her. I ask her to widen her legs, and this babe complies. I love how those women will do anything I ask. Well, almost everything.

That babe rubs her wet crack. Then that babe receives on all fours and widens her arse cheeks, and that’s when I pour the oil in her ass crack and into her anus.

Sometimes people ask me, “How do u keep from pulling your wang out and banging these angels?” The answer is, “Incredible restraint and discipline.”

“Doesn’t this turn u on?” Kitana asks me as that babe widens her butt one more time.

Of course it does.

The real answer to the question about how I keep my jock in my pants is, “I just do not know.”

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