Slick & Glossy

Slick & Shiny

“I used to work at a porn store, and that’s where I saw SCORE,” Anna Loren told. “Do u know how many guys traipsed into that place and told me, ‘Wow! These are big!’ That was the line I got almost any often. I guess I was a larger than average attraction in that store!”

Anna’s plans did not include showing off each inch.

“I not at all even thought about bare modeling but my sister brought it up and I thought it sounded like joy. That babe took a pair of nudie images of me in her bathroom and we sent them in online. I was actually really pleased when I was called back by the studio.”

Anna did not costume provocatively behind the counter of the porn store.

“I used to wear my Hoodies in there. I can zip ’em down and zip ’em up. Depending on how I felt, I might have them zipped pretty far down or all the way up. Sometimes, working in the porn store got me pretty lewd and I’d have the desire to brandish off. When I wear a 36DD undergarment, I let out of them.”

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