Showing The Pink

Showing The Pink

John Fox recalls Jeannine Oldfield and the transformation she underwent in front of a camera:

“Jeannine Oldfield was studying to be a chef when this babe 1st called John Graham’s London photo studio [in October, 1988] inquiring as to whether he was looking for glamour models.

“She had heard from a friend that that man was looking, that babe said photographer Dave Antony who answered the phone that day. Coz John was in the States on business, Dave asked her to come around to the studio where that lady-killer took the 1st in nature’s garb Polaroid shots of this model, who would later be considered one of the decade’s paramount.

“By the spring of 1989, Jeannine had begun to reveal pink, so the nervous first-time bashfulness left her quickly. Though Jeannine seemed to feel almost all comfortable presenting an nearly “frumpy” image to the public, when that babe took her hot outfit off, was made-up and was in our photo studio, the coyness, frumpy hotty turned into a very sexual animal actually.”

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