She’s Casca and you’re the man

She's Casca and you're the man

“This has been an amazing experience for me,” Casca Akashova said of modeling for The SCORE Group. “I love modeling for you. I hope the guys love me!”

There’s no doubt they do, and they’ve kept her coming back for more, including this P.O.V. fuck scene, in which you’re the man.

Casca found The SCORE Group via word of mouth and emailed us for information. She likes to watch ice hockey, hike, walk her dogs, travel and read. She’s a foodie and loves taking photos.

“What satisfies me is someone who listens to me and my body,” she said. “Someone who pays attention.”

She definitely has my attention.

“Sometimes I dress to emphasize my breasts and other times not,” Casca said. “It depends on where I am and if I’m with someone. Sometimes I’m aware of someone paying attention to my breasts, but whether or not I am, I just carry on normally.”

SCORELAND: Have you watched your scenes you shot for SCORELAND?

Casca: I did and I love them.

SCORELAND: Did you watch them alone or with somebody?

Casca: Both.

SCORELAND: What did you think about them?

Casca: I felt excited and a bit bashful at first, but then the more I watched them, the more excited and turned on I got.

SCORELAND: Have you had sex while watching your scenes?

Casca: A lady never kisses and tells! Or did I just tell?

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