Shanelle Staxx & Her Rooftop Rack

Shanelle Staxx & Her Rooftop Rack

Shanelle Staxx was an American big-bust exotic dancer of Mexican ancestry and one of the many feature dancers who travelled to London for SCORE shoots in 1995 and 1997. If u went to disrobe clubs during the 1990s, u might have seen Shanelle toss her stylish raiment off and get wild.

Clip of Shanelle is incredibly uncommon. Not particularly unusual cuz back then, the gals were more focused on nightclub bookings (often more than 40 weeks a year around North USA and overseas) than they were on photo shoots and videos. A hardly any layouts and covers in the big-bust magazines gave ’em the credits they used on lap dancing club marquees.

This unedited movie scene with the original audio is in two parts. The first segment was discharged on the roof of John Graham’s studio. In the second segment, Shanelle does her thing on a studio set. The slang term “dime piece” (meaning a very sexy goddess who’s a 10) suits Shanelle. That babe was one hot goddess with a pretty body and this clip explores every inch.

During her showgirl days, Shanelle won the titles Miss In nature’s garb Universe, Miss Exposed World Masters, World’s Utmost Display, Miss Exposed Oregon, Miss Stripped Slim USA, Miss Nude World’s Fanciest Fanny, Miss Exposed World’s Audience and probably more we don’t know about.

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