Sealing The Deal

Sealing The Deal

Amiee Roberts sets up houses for sale for Mr. Dix, a real estate broker. He’s a tough boss. Today is an open house and Dix checks with the bodaciously pumped up Amiee to watch if the place is willing. Then this fellow checks out what she is wearing. Amiee’s ready to shred a skin-tight red suit that doesn’t hide that crazy-hot body and titanic hooters.

Mr. Dix does not approve. He’s worried that female customers would be turned-off. Female-dom jealousy and all that. Amiee points out that they might get male customers because of her 40H-cup super-breasts. Dix doesn’t accept her opinion. Amiee hasn’t brought a change of clothing so Dix takes her upstairs to see if the owner of the abode left any clothing in her closets.

The closets are empty and there’s no time for Amiee to go home and change. At this critical point in advance of people begin showing up to watch the abode, Amiee thinks it is a worthy idea to take her hooters out of her suit and unveil ’em to her boss. We adore how this babe thinks. Mr. Dix turns out to be as tough a one-day stand as this chab is an employer. Her boss is a total prick and that is how Amiee likes it.

They disrobe and acquire into daybed where Dix finds his penis fits very nicely into Amiee’s accustomed mouth. That gent likes having his testicles licked and his beauties gagging and drooling on his boner, so this charmer trains Amiee to adore it his way! Ever the gentleman, after boning Amiee and treating the blond bombshell to a facial, that chap tells her to clean up the bedroom in advance of the people expose up. That babe starts by swallowing some of his load.

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