Savana Ginger’s twin sister sucks and fucks, too

Savana Ginger's twin sister sucks and fucks, too

Savana Ginger is the twin sister of porn star Havana Ginger. They were both born on February 27, 1984. They both suck and fuck porn cock. This is an amazing thing to me. I mean, what are the odds that some dude would have twin daughters who’d both grow up to be porn stars?

Hypothetical conversation:

“What do your daughters do for a living?”

“They’re porn sluts.”


Okay, so I get off on the idea of them being sisters. Sue me.

They aren’t identical twins, but they look very much alike. Their most-striking common feature is their areolae: huge and dark. They’re some of the biggest I’ve seen. Savana and Havana have similar cock-sucking skills, too. They slobber all over cocks. They suck them deep. They’re also lusty fuckers. Havana is a bit raunchier–she gets ass-fucked a lot–but Savana isn’t far behind.

“She is the one who got me my first gig,” Savana said, “but I was too scared to fully pursue a career in adult films, so I decided to keep performing as an exotic dancer. After several years dancing at various strip clubs, I finally got up the courage to do more adult movies.”

Here, Savana shows off her impressive XXX skills. This is a girl who was truly born for porn. Doing anything else would’ve been a waste of talent. Thanks, Havana, for helping your sister along.

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