Roxanne’s Garden

Roxanne's Garden

Then, as now, many gals pose once or twice as a lark. They wanna experiment and try something recent for the experience. They have no interest in making it a regular part of their lives. Roxanne was one of those short-term models.

Exotic-looking with a full, thick bush, a nice-looking face and nicely proportioned body, Roxanne only posed for a miniature in number mag photo sets. Unfortunately, that babe didn’t do any video undressed modeling. Her appearances always struck a note with readers who like angels with a bush-covered cookie.

This day, it’s not easy to identify this kind of beauty ‘cuz everyone shaves or waxes. There’re some exceptions, such as Mischel Lee and Vanessa Y. who have gained more popularity coz of the rich fur betwixt their legs.

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