Rockell & Her Pierced Teats

Rockell & Her Pierced Nipples

Between visits to SCORE, Rockell had her teats pierced. I was surprised cuz it appeared to be love something a Southern chap from Alabama who was a Bosoms waitress wouldn’t do. So when Rockell was here with her fresh nipp accessories, I asked her about them.

“I actually always saw them as super-sexy,” told Rockell. “I not ever dreamed I would have ’em myself, to be honest. I was going throughout Twitter and Instagram. I saw all these glamour models with them and thought it can’t be that bad if all those hotty’s have them done. I imagined the pang to be unbearable, being in a sensitive area. In all honesty, it did not hurt, it really felt kinda wonderful in a masochistic way. I told at the end, ‘Was that it?’ I had gotten nervous for no thing.

“I like when they are played with. I feel like they are more sensitive now. Tugging and pulling of the bars are super-fun ‘coz they are fully healed now! I love the idea of my teats showing thru a white T-shirt. They tend to stay gorgeous rock hard! Previous to, out of stimulation, my areolas did not really protrude like they do now.”

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