Rita Daniels’ third DP!


This episode attempts to answer the question, “Why do plumbers get all the admirable vagina?”

Really, it doesn’t attempt to answer that question at all. But it does educate us lots of ram.

For sample, it teaches us that 66-year-old Mamma and grandmother Rita Daniels is one of the horniest hotty’s ever.

Oh, you already knew that. But did you know that at the start of this scene, Rita’s cookie and gazoo are filled with toys?

It teaches us that Rita likes young dick. The guys in this scene are a combined 59 years mature, seven years younger than Rita’s age.

U knew that, likewise. But did u know that they could barely keep up with her?

It teaches us that very hardly any vixens in the world can suck and copulate love Rita.

Yes, we know, you knew that. And the boys know it, too, after their balls have been drained.

And it proves that Rita, the most-fucked 60Plus MILF ever, is too the most-DP’d 60Plus SEXY HOUSEWIFE ever, having now been DP’d three times.

You probably suspected that might happen.

We like Rita. We love her gracious face. We love her big pantoons and hairless vagina. We like that she’ll do completely anything for our fun.

‘cuz it is for her enjoyment, too.

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