Rack Up With Lucy

Rack Up With Lucy

You’re advised not to try to hustle Lucy Lenore at pool. Lucy will play the trousers right off u. She is very worthwhile with a stick on the green felt and even better with a ramrod in daybed as we have observed in her first hardcore scene. She’ll rack u up! Climbing on board the pool table, Lucy’s the one who loses her panties. You know why? ‘cuz that babe craves to make her fans glad. You’ll not ever be behind the eight ball with this honey.

“I’ve been getting attention cuz of my chest majority my life,” Lucy told. I don’t mind when people look. I say people ‘cuz babes look also. I just smile. It’s human nature, plus I will not be sexy forever so I might as well relish it now!”

Like most hotties, Lucy has a love-hate relationship with bras.

“I haven’t been adept to buy a below garment off the rack for years. I do not like bras with padding. I buy hot, lacey bras but when I go out I must wear a sports bra on-top or the wires dig into my ribs. I wear a undergarment all the time except during sex. If I do not they pain love insane but I like having ’em played with and it is good to have ’em free during hot time!”

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