Princess Pumpkins & Her Giant Toys

Princess Pumpkins & Her Giant Toys

Superbusty SCORE covergirl Princess Pumpkins is back, and she’s brought some not-so-little toys with her. In fact, they’re gigantic. Princess uses some of them in her webcam shows. She wraps her lips around them and fucks her pussy, too. Seeing is believing.

Princess told us about three of her top sexual experiences.

“I was in a four-way with two girls with strap-ons and one guy. I was the center of attention for three hours. I almost face-planted when I tried to walk to the bathroom because my legs wouldn’t work.

“After streaming one day, I went shopping with my man. I went to try on a few dresses and had him come back to see how they looked. I then proceeded to fuck his brains out in the fitting room.

“I was messing around with this girl at a fetish party. She had me carry her out to our car, where my girl, my man and I all proceeded to take turns getting her off while she ate me out in the trunk. 10 out of 10 I would do it again!”

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