Payne Is Always On The Brain

Payne Is Always On The Brain

Lila Payne. Always on the brain. This curvaceous ravisher can be anyone u want her to be. Dream role playing is one of her many talents as a glamour model and a courtesan. Here she is intend to whip something up in a kitchen and we’ll all enjoy what that is. Lila’s wearing a Latex petticoat under her apron and—damn, this babe has a great couple of milk sacks! What’s her game plan with that can of–damn, this babe has a great pair of funbags!

Other adult models likewise feel what Lila has to offer. “I have a mammoth crush on Lila Payne,” Tiggle Bitties told the editors. “Every single thing I have viewed from her is imbued with grace and poise. She is an unbelievably sexy lady.”

“When I spend time with my clients, it is such a safe little sanctuary,” Lila explained. “It’s not always about the sex. The sex is astonishing, but it’s more about having this safe sanctuary where their job doesn’t exist and their wife or girlfriend or kids or stress or insecurities do not exist.

“They tell me their secrets and share with me cuz I am an unbiased, non-judgmental stranger. People share so much with me. Intimacy between strangers is a really meaty thing. And it helps them. I am not going to say it is therapy, but it is like it.”

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