Party Hotty

Party Girl

When it comes to angels who personify the SCORE Angel, British bra-buster Katie Thornton is in the top 10. When I say personify, I mean just the angel, her face and her body, how this babe relates to the camera and her effect on lads, not what that babe does on-camera. Forget the hardcore porn, the girl-girls, the masturbation and all that. There’s a reason Katie’s on four SCORE mag covers. She’s got the look.

Katie won SCORE Beginner of the Year for 2015. Katie was the second Brit to win SCORE Novice. Lily Madison won the previous year.

Katie then parlayed that award into winning 2016 Glamour model of the year, dethroning prior winner Hitomi.

Being on the cover of SCORE on mag racks around the world got Katie out there bigger in size than run of the mill time. The Manchester gal was a teen when this babe became a model. This babe sent her pix to an agency and they put her to work two days after her 18th birthday.

Katie too has her own dish salon, and that seems love a natural business for her. Her goal is to operate a chain of salons.

There was one thing about Katie I would have not at all guessed in one thousand attempts: She loves to receive tied-up, strung-up and ball-gagged. She just doesn’t look or sound like the type, but that babe is. It is not only about getting a pay day by weirdo bondage photographers. This babe seems genuinely drawn to being roped and says she is very resigned.

“The thing is to not be embarrassed. Everyone has some kind of fetish.” Katie explained.

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