Paige Turner’s Scholar Body

Paige Turner's Scholar Body

What is the textbook definition of an astounding high school coed?

In our textbook, this babe is Paige Turner. That babe even dresses the part.

Paige is trying to start an assignment when 2 bucks walk in on her. It’s not clear if they’re proctors, tutors, dorm monitors or just saw Paige through the window and decided to inspect her fuckin’ phenomenal rack.

Peter and Jim give Paige a rock hard time previous to they give her an even harder time. They feel she’s not serious. To prove ’em not correct, Paige stacks apples in her cleavage. Let us see if those bozos can do that.

Paige feels that she needs a break from her assignment in advance of this babe even begins so she stands up and acquires exposed right in front of ’em. The protractors in their pants swing up at the sight of her stripped bigger than average whoppers and curvaceous body. Paige’s nipps always appear to be to be in a state of perpetual boner likewise. A dude could engulf on those nips all night and all day.

The chaps watch they have a live wire on their hands and figure some screw time will help Paige become a more serious coed. Paige rubs their junk signaling her intentions. They receive their boners out and Paige grabs on, swallowing one, then the other. They make their way over to a couch and take turns on her engulfing mouth and creamy snatch. They love her student body.

Each time Paige Turner appears at SCORELAND, we must remind ourselves that she’s real, extremely real, ‘cuz this babe has the appearance of a walking fantasy.

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