On The Felt

On The Felt

Whilst majority glamour models of the 1980s and early 1990s did not shave off their pubic hair, Nilli Willis, the gal with “come screw me” eyes, tended to have a thicker bush.

“In my homeland, most babes let their body hair grow. That includes on the legs, under the arms and in intimate areas,” told Nilli, an Israeli who emigrated to the England.

Billiard tables are an interesting platform for a beauty to strut her stuff when compared to the ordinary ottoman or couch. The sticks and the balls naturally lend themselves to symbolic phallic play.

As ordinary for a photo-shoot of that time, Nilli doesn’t acquire absolutely nude. She leaves on some clothing although that babe does kick off her shoes. The lighting is a little moodier than ordinary, smth that generally adds to the eroticism of any pictorial. See how her hair is haloed in some pix.

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