Nurse Terri

Nurse Terri

“When I detect bras in my size, they make my zeppelins look frumpy,” told K-cup natural Terri Jane from Birmingham, Great Britain. “They are not cute. It’s like they think that just because u have greater than typical scoops that u have to be an mature female. So I can’t detect bras to fit me. I adore a fine brassiere that pushes ’em up and brings them jointly. Charming and in all different colors. Pinks, purples, yellows, but my consummate bras, I can not find them.”

The below garment that Terri is wearing at the start of this scene fits her very nicely, although it’s still numerous sizes also small. Hey, do the math. K-cups and 30-inch ribcages usually don’t go jointly, but we’re perfectly okay with a goddess wearing a undergarment that’s also dunky for her larger than run of the mill scones.

In this scene, Terri Jane is a nurse. That babe talks messy to us.

“I’ll bet you are slutty right now,” Terri says. “I’m so turned on, adore a little naughty nurse. Do u adore my body, boyz? Would u love me to come and examine you? I’d give u a precious thrashing. I would be your personal little naughty nurse.”

Sounds fine to us.

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