Nurse Kianna In Your Face

Nurse Kianna In Your Face

Not feeling well? You’ll in a short time be up. Indeed up, when Nurse Kianna Dior treats your beef thermometer with TLC. Sexually-driven Kianna strokes, jacks, jerks, boob-bangs, deep-throats and bonks your brains out, and u know what? That babe could give the same TLC to the next patient out of a lunch break.

But in advance of she begins, Nurse Kianna needs to see if u can take the strain of her ministrations.

“Maybe I’d better check your pressure somewhere else,” purrs Kianna in that sex kitten voice of hers. She attaches the cuff to your balls and meat-thermometer and pumps the bulb. “Seems ok, also,” she reports and then lowers her head to smack your growing erection.

“Maybe I’d better brandish u my large boobs too.” Nurse Kianna removes the cuff and acquires to her noted oral stimulation healing techniques. She’s certified in man cream sampling and has the suction power of a vacuum cleaner. This is why she is called the head nurse. Very scarcely any beauties can match her pecker engulfing. Whether they’re porn stars or not, all vixens should study her blow job and tit-fucking technique.

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